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Job title: Network Engineer, Sr.
Job location: Plano, TX 75074 United States
Requisition code: 213053
Date posted: 01/28/13
Job type: Full-Time
Compensation: All information available on-line at

Job Classification

Job Category:Technology

Job Description

Job description:
NOTE: Work performed by the Network Engineer, Senior, is strictly intended to be used internally. Network engineering services will not in any way be provided outside City employment or to the public.

Job Duties:

Provides consulting and recommendations to support work groups within Technology Services regarding network architecture.
Configures the network monitoring tools and monitors the network to insure the reliability of network components and network convergence.
Makes network device configuration.
Performs preventive maintenance to both hardware and software to provide reliable and efficient service.
Works with networking vendors to obtain quotes and performs cost/benefit analysis to obtain quotes in order to justify procurement of additional or new hardware or software.
Performs the installation and configuration of network hardware or software.
Creates and maintains network diagrams through Visio drawings or networking tools.
Troubleshoots network issues and provides network change recommendations and resolutions to the network architect.
Responds to service desk tickets related to work concerns and/or escalates service desk support tickets.

Job Requirements

Education, training, experience:
Knowledge and Skills:

Requires knowledge of:
Network hardware and software such as Cisco routers and switches (i.e 3550, 4507, 6509, and 7206).
Data processing concepts and procedures;
Networking systems analysis;
Theory and methods of computer networking that operates in local and wide area networks including wireless technology concepts.
Effective written and verbal communication with advanced organization skills.
Advanced troubleshooting skills in the areas of:
OSI (Open Systems Interconnection) Reference model;
IP (Internet Protocol) Addressing;
Subnets (Includes variable subnet masks) and Class Addressing;
Routing Protocols;
Spanning Tree;
VLAN (Virtual Local Area Network) configuration;
Cisco IOS(Internetwork Operating System);
Packet level-Wire Shark; and
Applicable protocols and firewall configuration.

Education and Experience:

Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or related field.
Requires two years of experience in networking, including design and analysis of network control and monitoring systems.

Any work related experience resulting in acceptable proficiency levels in the above Minimum Qualifications is an acceptable substitute for the above specified education and experience requirements.

Licenses and Certificates:

Texas Class C driver's license.
Requires Cisco CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) certification
with CCNP (Cisco Certified Network Professional) preferred.
Certification through ICCP (Institute for the Certification of Computing Professionals) or a Federal Communications Commission (FCC) license is preferred.

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