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City of Point Police Department

General Information


Job title: Reserve Officer
Job location: Point, Rains County, TX 75472 United States
Requisition code:
Date posted: 11/01/13
Job type: Part-Time
Compensation: N/A

Job Classification

Job Category:Police

Job Description

Job description:
R.O.'s are fully expected to complete the same duties as regular full-time officers which include, but are not limited to, traffic enforcement, neighborhood patrol, arrests, assisting other agencies, special assignments, community events, covering shifts, etc., and understands the probability of being called in.

After completing training and based on experience, reserve officers will be released to work on their own.

We are building a quality team of pro-active officers.
The city has approximately 800-900 residents. State Hwy 69 and FM 47 are the main highways.

Point PD uses CopSync software, and VidTac camera system.

VidTac is the state of the art camera system which includes
• 1080p high-definition video
• 5 megapixel snapshots
• Twin lens for video and snapshot
at the same time
• Auto face detection and snapshot
• Clearly see license plates 50+ feet away
• Redundant back-up

Job Requirements

Education, training, experience:
Police Reserve Officers are required to work 16 hours / month at minimum.

Uniforms are not provided and consist of black "BDU" style shirts, and pants.
Polo-style shirts are acceptable if approved by the chief of police.
A vest is also required.
Uniforms, boots, and gear MUST be in acceptable condition.

If less than 180-day break, you will need to provide:
1. Certified Copy of Court Disposition for all charges on CCH
2. Military Discharge Form
3. Date of last firearms qualification.

If greater than 180-day break in service, you will need all of the aforementioned as well as...
1. To complete & pay for L-2 (Medical Condition) and L-3 (Mental Evaluation)
2. Official fingerprint card.
This list does not include forms within the application, but you are expected to have these items IF you pass the initial interview.

Applicants must:

...RETURN a completed application in person by setting an appointment with Chief of Police.
Dropped off applications will not be accepted.

...thoroughly complete the entire application. An application which is not COMPLETED will NOT be considered. a high school graduate or GED equivalence.
...hold a current, valid driver's license and acceptable driving record.
...have a BASIC PEACE OFFICER LICENSE issued by TCOLE ("Advanced" is preferred).
...have minimum 2 years street (patrol) experience.
...have general computer skills of high moral and ethical standards.
...(preferred to) live within 45 miles of Point, Texas.
...master better than average writing, grammatical, and spelling skills. Reports are of UTMOST importance and are a reflection of the department.

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