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General Information


Job title: Crime Scene/Property-Evidence/Quartermaster Manager
Job location: Plano, TX 75074 United States
Requisition code: 212380
Date posted: 01/23/13
Job type: Full-Time
Compensation: All information available on-line at http://plano.gov/index.aspx?NID=1077

Job Classification

Job Category:Police

Job Description

Job description:
Manages the Crime Scene Investigation Unit (CSIU), Property-Evidence Unit, and Quartermaster Unit.
Provides technical support and counsel in the functional supervision of Crime Scene, LiveScan, AFIS and fingerprint work performed by the CSI Unit.
Prepares budget requests including justification and narratives and advocacy materials for the CSI Unit, Property-Evidence Unit, and the Quartermaster Unit.
Serves as liaison for the three units with other divisions and outside agencies including vendors for equipment for CSIU, Property-Evidence, and Quartermaster Units.
Provides on-the-scene supervision of Crime Scene Investigative Unit employees and Police employees as necessary at a major incident.
Responsible for seeing that the internal audit of the Police Department is done once a year by the Quartermaster Unit and two audits of the Property-Evidence Unit are completed each year.
Ensures that Property employees dispose of property-evidence according to state and city regulations in a timely manner. Ensures that evidence and property requiring special handling and controls (e.g., records and destruction procedures for evidence and destruction and auction procedures for guns) are properly followed.
Manages the supply function for the Police Department, which involves ordering office supplies for police and civilian, uniforms, and associated hardware (radios, flashlights, etc.) for both police and civilian employees.
Manages the repair function of the Quartermaster Unit which includes police vehicles and other specialized equipment such as radios, radar, or weapons for delivering to the appropriate repair source or facility.
Manages the inventory control system to ensure an accurate accounting of City owned equipment.
Develops and implements programs, policies and procedures to ensure the ongoing operation of the CSUI, Property-Evidence, and Quartermaster Units.
Ensures communications among units and bureaus; manages resolution of complaints and carries out problem solving within the units, and responds to citizen’s complaints.
Resolves technical problems within the CSI Unit to include the Live Scan in the Jail, the Property-Evidence, and Quartermaster Units and determines the best course of action to bring the problems to complete resolution.
Assists the Police Chief and Police Administrative Manager in setting disciplinary actions; conducts meetings when necessary with employees to develop recommendations for disciplinary actions.
Manages and supervises personnel related matters, reviews and approves compensation, vacation, and leave requests.
Maintains communication with supervisor and employees supervised. Conducts meetings with supervisors or all unit employees in three units: CSIU, Property-Evidence, and Quartermaster.
Manages the training program and the suitability of applications for all positions supervised. Participates in interviews of applicants for all positions supervised.

Job Requirements

Education, training, experience:
Knowledge and Skills:

Extensive knowledge of municipal police administration and organization;
Knowledge of the principles, methods, and techniques of fingerprint identification classification, including AFIS.
Working knowledge of state and local laws governing custody and release of evidence and records.
Working knowledge of crime scene search methods, techniques and procedures.
Must understand the proper working order of a Quartermaster unit.
Familiar with new and developing technologies which would potentially enhance operational capabilities.
Effective verbal and written communications skills.
Ability to teach in a law enforcement environment and relate new crime scene search techniques and fingerprint development techniques to employees.
Experience as a Crime Scene investigator and have testified to the same in court.
Documented experience as a latent examiner and crime scene examiner.
Ability to plan and implement programs to achieve goals.

Education and Experience:

Bachelor’s degree is preferred; but any combination of education and experience equivalent to sixty (60) semester hours of college, preferably with courses in criminal justice or a related field.
Eight years experience as a crime scene investigator/latent print examiner
Including five years of experience using AFIS.
Must have testified as a latent print examiner.
Must have one year of experience in an ASCLD (or equivalent) accredited environment.

Licenses and Certificates:

Texas Class C driver's license
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