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General Information


Job title: Wastewater Plant Operator I (Trainee)
Job location: Jacksonville, TX 75766 United States
Requisition code:
Date posted: 02/01/13
Job type: Full-Time
Compensation: $18,366.40 - $19,344
Certificate pay available after gaining Class D / Class C licenses.

Job Classification

Job Category:Public Works/Utilities

Job Description

Job description:
ESSENTIAL DUTIES and RESPONSIBILITIES include the following, as well as other duties as assigned.

• Clean clarifiers daily
• Run lab tests and collect samples; collect effluent samples; check chlorine analyzer; perform a 30 minute settling test; pour composite samples
• Perform lab tests ordinarily performed by lab technician on weekends
• Check and maintain equipment; check waste gate and recycle pump; clean return tubes; check blowers and add oil as needed; clean out screens on chlorine analyzer; empty bar screen and trash cans; clean and switch sulfur dioxide injector pumps; clean return basements and pumps; pump down storm clarifiers; take trash to transfer station as needed.
• Take and record readings from totalizer of chlorine, flow meter, chlorinator and cylinders. Take PH readings, D.O. on effluent and aeration basins.
• Change empty chlorine and sulphur dioxide cylinders as needed.

PHYSICAL DEMANDS: includes the following:

• Color Discrimination – To take samples and run lab tests; to determine levels of chemicals.
• Walking/Standing – On tile floors, asphalt, grass, grill work, dirt and concrete for a distance for approximately 2200 feet, four or more times per day.
• Handling – To use winches, shovels, rake, broom, water hose, hoist, air pack, gas masks, scrub brush
• Carrying/Lifting – Cans of water, 1-5 lbs. and sample bottles, 1-12 lbs for samples, four or more times per day; 10lbs scrub brush when cleaning clarifier daily; on weekends, lift racks of BOD bottles up to 30 lbs; lift 45 lbs water jug after climbing up a 4 ft counter; lift 6-8 cans of sewage, weighing over 70lbs to clean bar screen twice weekly (usually a two person operation); lifting manhole lids-100lbs; carry tool box 60lbs.
• Bending – To obtain samples by bending over walls that are 1½ - 4 ft high; bend over work stations from 2ft -
• Twisting – To clean out bar screen; clean clarifier; clean and maintain equipment.
• Vision – To take readings on totalizer, flow meter, chlorine analyzer; run lab tests; samples
• Climbing – To check screens – six one foot steps; climb on counter to lift 45lb water jug; climb into clarifier wearing hip boots weekly to clean.
• Pushing/Pulling/Reaching – To pull hose to clean clarifier, over 50lbs of exertion; adjust blower wheels 16-20lbs of exertion from up to 4ft height; push/pull winches – 13-25lbs of exertion weekly; push chlorine and sulfur dioxide cylinders (empties) over 50lbs of exertion; pull cans a distance of 14ft from bar screen to load in truck – over 50lbs of exertion each; pushing or pulling pump parts up to 100lbs; Moving Chlorine cylinders – 220lbs.

MACHINES, TOOLS, EQUIPMENT AND WORK AIDES: PH meter, D.O. meter, sledge judge sampling buckets, chlorine meter, vacuum pump, balance Millipore flask, filter, stirrer, hot plate, rake, shovel, broom, water hose, wrenches; hoist, air pack, gas masks, squeegee, scrub brush.

ENVIRONMENTAL FACTORS: Work indoors and outdoors in all types of weather with significant wind factor; exposure to high humidity; calcium hydrochloride; chlorine and acetic acid, hydrogen sulfide, methane, dust acid fumes and sulfur dioxide; slick floors, ice, snakes, spiders; frequent noise from blower room, return pumps, lower pump basin; frequent exposure to pathogenic bacteria, viruses and sewage.

PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT REQUIRED: Leather boots, hard hat, special clothing, gloves, eye protection, ear protection and other as required.

Job Requirements

Education, training, experience:
• High School Diploma or GED
• 6 months experience in the same job field.
• Valid Texas Drivers License, with the ability to access a class “D” wastewater certificate within one year and a “C” wastewater certificate within 2 years.

SKILLS: Reading and writing to be able to complete reports, lobs and lab findings; read manuals and meters; ability to perform mathematical analysis; ability to analyze basic data.

NON-PHYSICAL DEMANDS: Working closely with others as a member of the team, while working in a very noisy distracting environment. Performing multiple tasks may be necessary as well as working on very tedious and physically exhausting projects.
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